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Artists and Piercers




I’m an tattooer who is looking to encourage queer narratives in a not so regularly queer style of tattooing. Traditional tattooing originally was based off of art that made people reject the American dream and make commentary on sex, politics, fast cars, drugs, rock and roll, and being a part of the “Boys Club”. I am trying to push the narrative even further and create imagery based on queer love, eroticism, inspirational imagery that comes from music such as: emo, punk rock, and hip hop/rap/funk, reggaeton, latinx music etc. I also enjoy getting a lot of my ideas from pop culture and old tattoo flash from Mike Malone, Gus Wagner, Dainty Dotty, and Bert Grimm. In my past time if I’m not tattooing I love eating sushi and trying new food! 

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